Dr Rekha Parameshwaran Nair


Born in Trivandrum, Kerala in India, Dr Rekha Parameshwaran Nair spent much of her childhood and early years exploring and discovering the wealth of natural remedies. Hailing from a vaidya family – her great grandfather, grandmother and her predecessors of the renowned Thottathil Veedu in Tivandrum being well known vaidyas – her lineage has a background of vast traditional knowledge in Ayurveda – Kalari, Marma etc. handed over through centuries within the family and from live experience gained from years of intensive and dedicated practice.

After graduation in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS) from the famous Government Ayurveda College Trivandrum under the University of Kerala, Dr. Rekha worked as a guest lecturer of anatomy in the same college she studied. Later on, she got the opportunity to work in same college as guest lecturer in rasam baishagyam (preparation of herbal formulations).

Dr. Rekha’s Ayurveda practice gained her immense popularity in no time. With her deep roots in Ayurveda, Dr. Rekha has a way of merging the Ayurvedic concepts with the contemporary scientific techniques resulting in the best curing solutions for her patients.

Dr. Rekha is more inclined towards knowing her patients and treating them with her in-depth knowledge of ailments so as to cure them in a natural and best possible way. The commendable traditional knowledge on Ayurveda she received from her forefathers on a wide range of effective treatments is ready to be shared with the needy anywhere in this world.

She is very competent and well-versed at teaching Ayurveda along with her practice of this profession. She had taught quite a few people from around the world and they are all very satisfied students. Dr. Rekha’s perfect dedication towards her patients has given her great success in this profession and she is a very respected physician in India. Dr. Rekha is always in close contact with Ayurveda experts and herbal specialists all over the world and maintain a good rapport with them always.

Dr. Rekha has been one of the 100 chosen Ayurveda doctors for the Commonwealth Games that took place in India recently. Her experience encompasses entre-preneurship, private practice and teaching. She has done numerous lectures, seminars and workshops in many health conferences, on radio etc. She is also Registered Advanced Ayurvedic Practioner (RAAP) with AAPNA (Association of Ayurvedic Professionals of North America).

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